Manual Alumni of the Year

In 1962 the Alumni Board selected the first Alumnus of the Year recipient.

1962  Roy Howard                                                 1981  Robert J. Kryter                                            1998  Janet Cheatham Bell

1963  Louis Borinstein                                           1982  Charles E. Menges                                       1999  Ray Raker

1964  Mary J. Spiegel                                            1983  Richard A. Steele                                          2000  Gordon Durnil

1965  John King                                                     1984  Dorothy M. Monroe                                       2001  Norman C. Beplay

1966  John Higdon                                                 1985  Dr. Arvine Popplewell                                   2002  Judy Rodman Blough

1967  Cyrl S. Ober                                                  1986  Richard A. VanArsdale                                2003  Donald J. (Jim) Edison

1968  Marian E. White                                            1986  Thomas A. VanArsdale                                2004   C. Bruce Haddix

1969  Daniel Glossbrenner                                     1987  David L. Cohn                                              2005   Albert S. Tavenor

1970  W. Henry Roberts                                         1988  William C. Green                                          2006   Elise Stefan Marshall

1971  Richard Emery                                              1989  Dr. Frank Teague                                         2007   Paul C. Brandt

1972  Norman G. Wilson                                         1990  Jimmie Angelopolous                                  2008   Dallas Schnitzius

1973  John E. Cady                                                 1991  William R. Kniptash                                     2009   Charlotte Hafer

1974  Louis A. Weiland                                            1992   David Fogle                                                2010   Dr. Donald J. Kerner

1975  James C. Skinner                                           1992   Libby (Kipp) Fogle                                      2011    Non Selected

1976  Dr. Irvin W. Wilkins                                         1993  Charles A. Henzie                                       2012    Willis Overton &

1977  Herbert F. Schwomeyer                                  1994  Ann Cory Bretz                                           2012   Janet Stout Cotton

1978  Charles P. Monroe                                          1995  100th Anniversary                                       2013    Charles Williams

1979  Walter W. Floyd                                               1996  Ray Schultz

1980  Helen Fehr                                                       1997  Lucille Wahl                                                                          









Manual's First Man of The Year - 1962

Roy W. Howard graduated from Manual in1902.  He lived on South Delaware St. so he was not far from the original school building on South Meridian St.  He was a keen, alert student with a great sense of humor.  His father died during his early years of High School, leaving him to help take care of his mother.  He was busy and industrious.  It has often been told how Roy carried two newspaper routes at once, ushered in a theater, worked in the school lunchroom, and acted as Manual's correspondent for the Indianapolis News.

When Roy entered Manual he made many fast friendships that endure today, although he has not lived in Indianapolis since 1905.

After Roy's graduation in January 1902, he went to work for the News, July 6, 1902.  In October he left the News and entered the Sports Department of the Indianapolis Star, for $20 per week, and it was not long until he was Sports Editor.  Later he followed Ray Long, an Indianapolis man and long-time friend, to the Cincinnati Post.  Always looking ahead, he landed with the Scripps-MacRae newspaper syndicate of New York City in July 1905.

Since then his Scripps-Howard biography points to mileposts like correspondent in New York for the Ohio papers, general news manager of Publishers Press at the age of 29, and by 1922 his name joined that of Scripps at the head of all Scripps-Howard newspapers.



Louis J. Borinstein - 1963

Louis J. Borinstein has made a great many contributions to the public welfare during a long, successful business and civic life.

After graduating from Manual in 1899 he immediately went to work in his father's business.  He became active in charitable and civic efforts of Jewish organizations in his early life.  He became a director of the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce in the late twenties and in 1930 was elected its president.  He served as president for five years, longer than any other individual has served in that office.  These were in the lowest days of the Great Depression and he brought the organization through this period successfully.

He was a member of the governor's commission on unemployment relief during this same period.  He was a director of the Indianapolis chapter of the American Red Cross during the depression and World War II.  He was for many years a leader of the Jewish welfare and fraternal organization, B'Nai B'rith, holding many responsible local, regional and national offices.  He was a board member of the National Jewish Hospital in Denver, a hospital providing treatment to tuberculosis patients without regard to race or religion.

He has received many public tributes from organizations he has served.  One of his notable characteristics has been his unusual ability to write and speak eloquently, though his formal education did not proceed beyond high school.

He surely is to be listed among the very few Indianapolis citizens universally respected and loved for a long life of good works.


Mary J. Spiegel - 1964

In January 1907, Mary Johnson, a small brunette freshman; a quiet unassuming girl, was destined to leave quite a mark on Manual.  During her 3 1/2 years there, she was a good student and a reserved but avid observer.  Although shy in nature, she became so imbued with the Manual spirit that she is today a person of the Redskin ideal.  She has often been dubbed "Dame Manual."

After graduating in June 1910, she attended Indianapolis Conservatory of Music for 2 years.  She then worked as a secretary at Eli Lilly & Co.  There Mr. Milo Stuart, 2nd principal of Manual, saw her when he visited the plant.  He invited Mary to return to her Alma Mater as his secretary.  This she did, and she turned out to be a valuable asset to Manual and remained through 47 years as "right hand man" to five principals. 

In 1917, Manual's "first lady" changed her official signature to Mrs. Mary J. Spiegel when she married Ralph Earl Spiegel.  They are  proud of their son and their three grandchildren.

Mary held Manual on an even keel and kept her bossmen and many Manualites in line.  She served Manual faithfully and well; she has been an expert as a gracious homemaker, wife and mother; a career woman civic-minded in all dealings, and has been interested in each student's welfare.

Mary is an ex-officio member of the publications staffs and a staunch supporter of the Music Department.  She is an honorary member of Masoma  and the Roines Club.  She has served in many other capacities in other groups too numerous to mention here.

One of Mary Spiegel's most noted characteristics is her unusual ability to inspire those with whom she comes in contact.  We love her very, very much and we all share her love for Manual.